• Do you and your partner struggle to communicate and rarely have deep conversations anymore?
  • Do you find yourself planning a romantic evening and end up having nothing to say to each other?
  • Do you feel your partner has lost interest in you?
  • Are you constantly comparing your relationship with others and feeling jealous of people your partner might be attracted to?
  • Do you feel the need to check up on your partner?
  • Do you constantly argue?
  • Do you feel the need to be away from your partner more frequently?
  • Do you feel alone even though you are in a relationship?
  • Has the physical side of your relationship gone out the door?
  • Do you or your partner no longer desire one another, or feel that your partner no longer desire you?

Being in an unhappy relationship is slowly ruining your whole life, because when our relationships are not well we are not well, especially when it’s a marriage and there are children involved.

When you feel misunderstood; unheard or disrespected, it lowers your confidence and self-love and this in turn brings more problems into your life.

When relationships go sour, it brings resentment, un-forgiveness, jealousy, anger, unhealthy habits and lots of hurt. These are all things that eventually damage us to our core and recovering from this can take some people a lifetime.

My Transformational program can help you pinpoint the areas of your relationship which are not working, and why things are not working out for you and your partner. Together we can build your self-worth so that you can change your situation and regain that loving, fulfilling relationship you once had.


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