• Do you feel sad, hopeless, moody, have guilt, anger outburst and a loss of zest for life?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating or difficulty making decisions?
  • Are you withdrawing from people or neglecting your commitments?
  • Are you abusing substances and have attempts and ideas about harming yourself?
  • Are you constantly tired and find yourself wanting to sleep all day with little or no energy?
  • Are you experiencing changes in your weight and appetite?

You could be suffering from depression and this could be ruling your life as it effects how you feel, think, handle situations and how you perform on a daily basis.

Depression causes a feeling of intense sadness and a constant down mood where one feels demotivated and has no interest in life.

People who suffer from depression describe it as if they are stuck and have no where to go, like “living in a hole”.

It is a feeling of doom, an emptiness, a feeling of being misunderstood and alone and its no way to live life.

My Full Transformational Program will help you to discover the root cause of your depression and together we will release this negative emotion with all its attachments so that it will no longer have a hold on your life.


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