• Do you find yourself lashing out at others only to regret your words later on?
  • Do you sometimes feel so worked up that you feel as if you can literally explode at any moment?
  • Do you have regrets from your temper getting out of hand?
  • Do you struggle to feel calm in stressful situations?
  • Do you get physical with people when you are angry?
  • Do you hurt yourself/others due to your rage?
  • Do you find yourself getting upset very quickly for the smallest reasons?

Anger is an emotional state that can affect you physiologically as well as cause biological changes, it has negative effects on your body and can cause your body to slowly deteriorate if it is not taken care of.

When you get angry, your blood pressure rises, your heart rate increases and this can lead to heart attacks or even cancer. No one wants to be around someone who is constantly uptight or someone that can lash out at any moment due to uncontrolled rage and that’s why if you do not get your anger under control, you can end up pushing away your family and friends.

Unresolved anger builds up in the body and eventually becomes sadness, depression or regret which can be severely damaging to ones self-image.

My Transformational Program can help you to find the root cause of your anger and I can assist you in becoming a more peaceful, calm and accepting person. Together we will identify and eliminate the reasons for your aggression so that you can be free from upsetting yourself and others.


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